about eight oaks craft distillers

Eight Oaks is a veteran-owned craft distillery located in the rolling farmlands of the Lehigh Valley.

We proudly grow our grains right here on our farm, just steps from the distillery. For other fresh, sustainably grown ingredients, we look to our neighbors — local farmers and trusted friends who provide us with nothing but the very best. By keeping things close to home, we control every step of the process. The result? Unique seed-to-bottle spirits with Pennsylvania roots that run deep.

It was in this soil that we found our name. A symbol of strength, nature, and longevity, the oak tree provides the barrels that distillers have been using for centuries to age their spirits. We at Eight Oaks strive to honor that legacy in everything we do.



The number 8 has always been significant to our family. 

Before email and text messages, people wrote letters on paper and signed their names in scrawling cursive. Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it? At Eight Oaks, we keep the past close. Chad’s grandfather started the tradition of signing letters to his family with a figure 8. Not only is this a symbol for infinity, but it represents the eight letters in “I Love You”. Today we use the “8” as a sign of love and admiration for our friends and family.



Our airy, 4,500-square-foot barn-style building provides a relaxed, light-filled atmosphere that reflects our taste for quality and craftsmanship. Our Tasting Room serves up imaginative spirits and handcrafted cocktails, complete with picnic tables, fire pits, and live music every Saturday.

Visit us for a “behind the barrels” look into the distillation process, including a little history, a little science, and a guided tasting.

Tours are offered Saturdays and Sundays only.  

Tasting Room


Eight Oaks handcrafts super premium spirits using select grains sustainably grown on Lehigh Valley farms. Our distilling equipment is the very best, manufactured to exact standards in Germany. We use a copper pot still, which results in rich and complex artisan spirits.

Fun Facts

We grow all of our grains for our Bourbon, Rye Whiskey, Vodka, and Gin.

We craft our Rum from 100% molasses.

Our Applejack is made from fresh-pressed apple cider sourced locally from Scholl Orchards.

Our Bourbon uses Non-GMO corn, wheat, and Rye grown right here on our farm.


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September 28, 2017

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June 7, 2017

Limited-Release Ocho Robles Agave Spirit




Chad  Co-founder, Floor Mopper, whiskey taster

Chad spent 25 years as a pilot in the military and civilian aviation industry. After many years of traveling for work, he is thrilled to be spending more time close to home with friends and family. Chad got into craft distilling because it's a great blend of agriculture, science, and history. He enjoys two of the following three things: running marathons, watching college football, and finding great places to eat wherever he travels. He lives with his wife and best friend, Jodi, in New Tripoli, PA and still can't believe that she agreed to start a distillery with him!


Jesse Co-founder, check cutter, moped repair man

Jesse is a proud countryman, having been born, raised, and educated in the Lehigh Valley. After 7 long years in the oil and gas industry, Jesse has returned to his roots. His distilling journey started at home where he brewed ales behind closed doors. This hobby quickly grew into a great passion for small batch, artisan spirits, and so it’s a dream to be working with his hands and achieving success close to home.

Jesse’s greatest gift is raising his three children with his high school sweetheart, Lia. A tinkerer at heart, he also enjoys riding and fixing (mostly fixing) his self-restored moped and raising a glass with good company in his hometown of New Tripoli.


Carly  general manager, scheduling master, singer/dancer

After spending most of her life moving from one place to the next, Carly has planted roots in New Tripoli, where she lives with her other half, Logan, and their puppy in a cute, old farmhouse. Though she now calls PA farmland home, Carly maintains a wanderlust and loves to explore new places every chance she gets.

A lover of the human spirit, Carly always knew she wanted to work closely with family in a field that connected her with new people on a daily basis. That, coupled with a solid background in drinking great booze, has led Carly to her ideal career at Eight Oaks.

She’s excited to meet you and share stories over one or three of her delicious, handcrafted cocktails…but in the meantime, Gilmore Girls is on.


Logan — Distiller, Mechanic, Still Polisher

Logan was born and raised in the Lehigh Valley on the same farm that Eight Oaks now calls home. He’s the youngest of three brothers and one sister, whom he often runs into on the dirt road that connects all of of their houses.

Always a lover of mechanical systems, working under the sun, and enterprise, he started a property service business in high school that has grown over the past six years. Eager to take on this new endeavor, he looks forward to leveraging what he’s learned to create artisan spirits with a story… After all, whiskey is essentially bottled sunshine!

Logan is particularly drawn to the technical aspects of craft distilling, from controlling temperatures in the still to the soil science that is the base of grains used in our process. He loves working with his hands, good company, and fine spirits. To this day, life on his childhood farm brings him great joy, made even better with his longtime love, Carly.


CAITLIN — Distiller, Production Planner, Flower Arranger 

Born and raised in New Tripoli, Caitlin is no stranger to farming. She attended Bloomsburg University, where she majored in science. Though she never saw her career path leading to a distillery, it was love at first sip. She left her previous job as an insurance coordinator and jumped head first into a full-time gig at Eight Oaks. She and her boyfriend, Jimmy, moved back to New Tripoli after college and live just up the road from the distillery!

Eight Oaks Rye Whiskey is Caitlin’s absolute favorite, and she looks forward to raising a few glasses with you and yours.


KATE — TASTING ROOM Manager, class clown, dog lover 

Kate was born in Lancaster PA but was raised in the Lehigh Valley. Five years ago, she bought an old farmhouse in New Tripoli and settled in with her four dogs and potbelly pig named Penny. She is a HUGE animal lover and a bit of a mama’s girl, so it was only natural that she and her mother start Alice’s Natural Nibbles together, an all-natural protein-based dog treat company, which ultimately led her to Eight Oaks. After meeting the Eight Oaks crew at a farmers’ market, Kate fell in love with their gin. Moreover, she is proud to now call herself a part of the Eight Oaks family and looks forward to the journey that lies ahead at this wonderful distillery.